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Security tech experts recruited to help Expo in Shanghai

2009. 16 April

( The municipal security bureau has selected 58 engineers for a security technology consulting team serving the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

The engineers came from various companies in relevant fields, such as electronics, telecommunications and automatic systems. They will help approve key security projects' designs, especially for those located in Expo Park.
They will also ensure these projects are running smoothly before and during the 184-day-long event.

"Enhancing security technology will be central to hosting a successful Expo," deputy director of the bureau Jiang Xianfa was quoted as saying by Thursday's China Daily.

The event will last much longer than the Olympics and is expected to bring 70 million visitors, a record high for an international event hosted in China.

"All of these engineers are leading experts in their fields," Jiang said.

"Their professionalism and experience with globally advanced technologies will greatly enhance our capacity to deal with various levels of security threats."

Jiang also said authorities welcomed similar contributions to the Expo from the social sector.

Cai Chengchu, deputy director of the Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau's security department, said the team would be especially useful in preventing terrorism.

"There is a real threat of terrorism across the world, and metropolitan cities are especially prone to terrorist attacks," he said.

"We believe the expert team will bring in more world-class technologies in areas like the detection of radioactive objects, toxic gases, ammunition and explosives, helping us better manage terrorist threats. "Wu Dazhou, one of the engineers recruited from a security technology research institute affiliated with the municipal public security bureau, said people like him were very happy to contribute to the Expo, which needed "concerted effort from all walks of life".

Cai said the team would continue providing technological assistance to the local police after the Expo.

Shanghai began setting security standards for public facilities like hotels, subways and banks two years ago, security bureau sources said. This included projects such as installing high-resolution cameras - capable of rendering sharp enough images so that facial features can be distinguished - at subway stations' entrances, exits and platforms.

Editor: Zhang Xiang