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New women soldiers under training for Expo security duties

2010. 13 January

New women soldiers under training for World Expo security duties

Translated by LOTO

( On December 31, 2009, more than 1,000 female soldiers formed lines to receive military training at the Shanghai Armed Police Corps's Female Soldier Training Base. Liu Jia, a 22 year-old student from the Shanghai Physical Education Institute said that they are united as one and no one can separate them.

Unity is essential for them to perform their mission, namely to safeguard the World Expo 2010.

Girls often encourage one another

They come from 18 districts and counties of Shanghai and over 60 universities such as Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Their mission is to safeguard the World Expo and they will return to their previous jobs after the event

On December 31, 2009, more than 1,000 female soldiers were making preparations for the New Year's Day celebrations at the Shanghai Armed Police Corps's Female Soldier Training Base. The World Expo Shanghai will be staged when they are in active service, so for these female soldiers, 2010 is a year of special significance. Their mission is to safeguard the World Expo.

Reporters learned that several thousands of young people were enrolled in the Shanghai Armed Police Corps in 2009, of which, 60 percent are university students, graduates and graduate students. After strict education and training, these recruits will become the main force of the security personnel. Some female recruits coming from 18 districts and counties of Shanghai and over 60 universities such as Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, are fluent in the Shanghai dialect and can even speak several foreign languages.

Taking these recruits’ characteristics and their mission in consideration, the Shanghai Armed Police Corps has chosen qualified trainers to work out practical training plans, which has laid a solid foundation for a successful World Expo.

Reporters from the Oriental Morning Post visited the female soldier training base and understood that these optimistic, zealous and patient female soldiers are now looking forward to the World Expo.

Become good friends in a short time

A red flag reading, “Shanghai World Expo 2010” is fluttering in the female soldier training base in Pudong District, and information about the Shanghai World Expo 2010 is put up on the poster that stands at the roadside of the base. The front of the dormitory presents a new look with red lanterns hanging to celebrate the Spring Festival, and the entrance is decorated with all kinds of balloons.

On the last day of 2009, female soldiers stationed here were very busy. They carried boxes of food walking between the dormitory and playground. These female soldiers were newly recruited, and have been training in the new recruit camp for two months. They just wore the brand new epaulets several days ago. At present, these new recruits have finished the formation training. Even more than 1,000 new recruits get together, they will move in unified lines, demonstrating the female soldiers' unique masculinity. On the last day of 2009, cadres who are stationed in the base for training specially spared these female soldiers a day to prepare for the New Year's Day.

Though these female soldiers were relentless when the formation was in progress, laughter will be heard in the building soon after they return to the dormitory. "Before joining the army, I had thought I would miss home very much during the Spring Festival, but now I do not feel lonely." Liu Jia, 22, comes from Chengde, Hebei province. Before joining the army, she was a senior learning economics and management at Shanghai University of Sport. Liu said that what she hears the most in female soldiers' dormitory is laughter. Though these female soldiers of more than 1,000 have never met each other before, exceptional friendships have developed among them in a short time.

Liu laughed that they have become a family once in the camp, and have live harmoniously in such a short time. Previously, Ji Yongjuan, who comes from Shanghai Normal University and is in the same new recruit training team as Liu, fell during a basketball match, injuring her hands. After the accident, fellow soldiers all offered to take care of Ji, and even helped her wash her hair. "It is different to imagine that I would help others wash their hair." Liu said that most of the people are of the same age group as her and are the only child in their families. They rarely help their parents wash their hair, let alone helping others. However, in the army, they soon became a team. Now they get along well with one another, and nothing can separate them. Such understanding and feelings are indispensible when they are performing tasks in the future.

Their wishes for the Shanghai World Expo 2010

With the Expo coming soon, they express their wishes for the 2010 year.

"In the evening, all the soldiers in my building would cry Happy New Year to the soldiers living in the building right in front of ours," said Chen Xueping from Anhui province. Hearing their wishes, the soldiers would reply in the same way, which is like co-singing in the military, one wave after another. On the night of December 31, 2009, the military base arranged a dinner for all the new female recruits to welcome the New Year. "I have never before experienced dinner for thousands of people," said Chen. For her, the special way to celebrate makes her yearn for the 2010 Spring Festival and the 2010 World Expo.

At dinner on that night, more than 1,000 female soldiers toasted to the New Year and the World Expo. In the book of wishes, they wrote a lot of wishes such as, "Devotion to the Expo glorifies me for a long life time," and, "God blesses the Expo, China and Shanghai."

The World Expo is the starting point of the army career

When writing down their wishes, the female soldiers also expressed their thirst for their future army career. "We are proud of participating in the Expo, yet it is just a stage in our army career. In the future, we will have more important tasks to do." Wang Panpan who is from Shandong said that at the training base, female soldiers are not trained just for the programs relevant to the Expo, they also learn all the skills that a new recruit needs to learn. After the Expo, this batch of new recruits will be arranged to do other jobs." We cannot demand ourselves to do well just at the Expo but in the future." Wang said that the Expo is a glorious starting point of their army careers, as well as a landmark but not the terminal point.

"The female soldiers moved us with their positive and optimistic attitude, so we hope that they also can throw themselves into their future work with this kind of optimism." Jin Ling, a guidance officer who is in charge of the training work of the female soldiers in the 12th detachment of the third cadre team said that the training officers in the base will organize and set up special training patterns based on the female soldiers' characteristics, such as high education background and strong self-confidence." Currently, the catchphrase of 'female soldiers never cry' is very popular on the training base." Female soldier Chen Xueping said that all of them in the military camp are optimistic and encourage each other." Because girls are easy to be moved and if a girl cries, she will touch many around her." Chen said that every time someone comes across something they feel frustrated with, the others will encourage her with "female soldiers never cry."