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Leftovers From Shanghai Expo To Generate Power

2010. 21 January

( According to The News and Newspaper Digest of Voice of China, the Zero-carbon Hall at Shanghai World Expo 2010 will use leftovers from meals to generate electricity as part of its energy-saving initiatives.

As a zero-carbon building in China, the Zero-carbon Hall will not only utilize solar power and wind power to meet its power requirements, but will also use the nearby Huangpu River as a heat sink for geothermal heat-pump cooling.

Chen Shuo, the coordinator of the Zero-carbon Hall, says that the hall will serve as a platform for displaying energy conservation and emission reduction stories during the World Expo and it will enable visitors to know how much carbon dioxide is emitted in their daily lives.

It is learned that the Zero-carbon Hall, which consists of two four-story buildings, will feature a zero-carbon reporting hall, a zero-carbon restaurant, a zero-carbon exhibition hall, and six zero-carbon sample suites. It shows visitors how each of these sectors is working to deal with global climate change.

According to Chen, the Hall will be kept as the first zero-carbon museum in China after the Shanghai World Expo 2010 ends.