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Clean-energy vehicles to reduce emissions around Expo Park

2010. 22 January

About 450 clean-energy cars and buses will be running inside the expo park during the six-month event.

( A series of clean-energy vehicles will be put into use during the expo, to move an expected 70 million tourists around the city without producing massive amounts of pollution. Dai Qian takes a look at the vehicles and how they work.

Instead of the dirty emissions, this hydrogen-hybrid car produces nothing but water. And this mini bus, which can carry 11 people, is powered just by electricity.

Huang Chengdong, Fuel cell director of SAIC Motors, said, "The number of visitors will be huge and intensified within the expo area and they need transportation means to move around. That means, emissions will be intensified as well, so without these clean energy vehicles, the worst scenario is that you won't be able to see the clear sky above the expo park."

About 450 clean-energy cars and buses will be running inside the expo park during the six-month event.

Technicians say each one of the vehicles produce no carbon dioxide, while regular vehicles emit one hundred to two hundred grams for each kilometer driver.

As you can see from the control panel, this car uses no gasoline, but entirely hydrogen. During the expo, 10 of these models will be used in the expo park to pick up VIPS. Believe it or not, it drives just as the same as a regular car."

Changes had to be made to some of the vehicles so they can deal with a heavy workload during the event.

Gan Pin, General Manager of NEV Division of SAIC Motors, said, "During the expo, every vehicle needs to run about 2 to 300 kilometers a day, but electric buses can only run 100 kilometers once charged to meet the demands of visitors, we set robots at every charging site, which can change the battery within 10 minutes so the bus can run again. That's a lot faster than charging."

By the time the expo opens about 10 days from now, altogether 1000 new energy vehicles will be put into use.

Organizers have promised no vehicle emissions inside the expo park and reduced emission in nearby areas.