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Calculate your carbon journey

2010. 23 January

(Shanghai Daily) An online calculator for visitors to the Expo to check their carbon emissions has been released.

On, visitors can select their points of departure and means of transport and can get a reading of how much carbon dioxide they have released on their journey to Shanghai. A verion in English, and six other languages, will be released before the Expo opens.

The calculator will convert the carbon amount into the number of trees needed to compensate.

The aim is to encourage people to choose green modes of transport such as the Metro, rail, cycling or walking, said Zhang Jiangyu, program manager of the Environmental Defense Fund, a non-profit organization and operator of the campaign.

People can check how much less carbon dioxide they would release by changing to green transport, he said, and can buy "carbon credits" to be used to pay for tree planting.

People can log on to Websites such as the Chicago Carbon Exchange and European Climate Exchange to trade carbon credits, said Guo Ru, an environment professor at Shanghai Tongji University.

The calculator will remain online after Expo to allow people to check their carbon emissions in their daily lives.