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Shanghai establishes Police Aviation Force to safeguard Expo 2010

2009. 22 May

( The inaugural ceremony of the Shanghai Government Aviation Force and Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Police Aviation Force was held in Hongqiao helicopter base, Shanghai on May 20.

During World Expo 2010 Shanghai, Shanghai police will dispatch four helicopters to safeguard the event. Currently, related pre-arranged schemes have already been established and the Police Aviation Force is carrying out intensive training.

At present, the Police Aviation Force has three helicopters, mainly undertaking important government flight tasks including urban firefighting and rescue missions, high-rise fire rescues, medical first aid, emergency rescues and disaster relief missions, as well as police flight tasks such as air patrol and command, fugitive investigations and pursuits, evidence gathering at emergency scenes, aerial photography, airborne anti-terrorism support and air attacks and rapid delivery of police forces and equipment.

Special police carry out raids and anti-terrorism drills on terrorist targets after rappelling from a helicopter.
The effective observation range of police helicopters can reach 46,000 square meters, 200 times greater than that of a police car. In addition, police helicopters have tremendous cruising speeds. For a 6.5 kilometer long street, a police car takes about 7 to 15 minutes to go through depending on different traffic situations, but a police helicopter usually needs only two minutes. Generally speaking, a police helicopter can perform functions as effectively as over 200 police cars.

Police Aviation Force pilots are from the Air Force, Army Aviation Department and other armed forces. All pilots have flown more than 1,000 hours, including three special-grade pilots. Additionally, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau also selected six young policemen from the city’s entire public security system and sent them to Bristow Academy in the US at the beginning of 2008 for 10 months initial training on helicopter flight. At present, all of them have completed their studies and obtained their US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) commercial pilot licenses. They also finished conversion training of EC-135 helicopters on April 28.

Source: By People's Daily Online