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People have good awareness of Shanghai World Expo

2010. 28 January

( A new online survey recently published shows that the proportion of respondents who have good awareness of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo to the total number of respondents has increased from 14 percent in March 2009 to 28 percent, an increase of 100 percent.

Meanwhile, the theme of the Expo, "Better City, Better Life", has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people. Over 60 percent of the respondents hope to find out more about the aspects of the theme including "better city life," "sustainable development" and "innovation."

This survey also shows that the percentage of the respondents who will visit the Expo has increased from 8 percent to 11 percent, and the percentage of the respondents who have strong desire to visit the Expo has increased from 38 percent to 42 percent. The percentage of Shanghai respondents who plan to visit the Expo in the total number of Shanghai total respondents has increased from 84 percent to 87 percent.

According to the survey, the main element that decides whether a respondent will visit the pavilion of a certain country is how the visitor knows the country. 90 percent of the respondents expressed that this is the first thing they consider while choosing a pavilion to visit. The second element is the theme of the pavilion.