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2010. 9 February

Press release from: German Global Trade Forum Berlin
( "Berlin-Brandenburg meets China in June at EXPO 2010 fair" is one of events this summer to intensify the existing relations between Asia and Europe. A Business Mission to China (Beijing, Tianjin, Harbin & Shanghai) is part of the preparation of varies meetings, conferences and presentations of German governmental institutions such as the Ministry of Economics of Brandenburg and it`s related Chambers of Industry and Commerce Potsdam and East-Brandenburg.
At the invitation of and in co-operation with the provincial government of Heilongjiang German Global Trade Forum Berlin is organising this next Business Mission to North-East China and Shanghai from 11th to 22th June, 2010 in partnership with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce East Brandenburg, the Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology, IPK Berlin, the Chinese Embassy in Berlin and with the trading department of the embassy (“Ministry of Trade”). Chamber of Commerce East Brandenburg is organizing a delegation for the Industry of Brandenburg as part of the Business Mission while Chamber of Commerce Potsdam is organizing the presentations of Berlin-Brandenburg with the Brandenburg focus in Shanghai.

Beijing (12.-14.06.2010) will be first stage of the Business Mission where delegates will meet local representatives of the German industry in China, the German Chamber in Beijing and representatives of the Chinese government. On 13th. of June Tianjin will host a special meeting for the delegation to introduce Tianjin Binhai New Area as logistic hub for central European activities in China. One of the targets of clother relations is the development of a “Deep Water Sea Harbour Hinterland Traffic System” on both sides to ease transportations and deliveries. Brandenburg, with the Berlin Brandenburg International Airport (BBI) in 2011 one of the prime destinations in Europe, is at the cross roads of traffic in central Europe: Air, water, rail and road traffic from East to West and North to South.

China’s most North-Easterly province on the border with Russia is among the country’s heavy weights, since 2009 partner of Brandenburg State – Harbin is sister city of Magdeburg, capital of Saxony-Anhalt - and is beginning to open up to the rest of world since German Global Trade Forum operates.

Germany is and remains China’s most coveted partner, even if it is becoming apparent that, as competition increases, possibilities for German companies are somewhat in decline. Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, Japan and South Korea traditionally have a strategic interest in North-East China, which is by no means backward despite increasingly identifiable prejudices, and long ago ceased to exhibit “the structural characteristics of old Russian heavy industry investments”. Harbin is traditionally one of the preferred locations in China.

After the successful Business Missions of German Global Trade Forum Berlin 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 to Harbin, options were explored of working together with the province in co-operation with the University of Harbin and Berlin’s Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology, IPK, on a further Business Mission to North-East China taking place in June 2009 under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Kai Mertins. This Business Mission is to be open to interested companies, association representatives and scientists.

The delegation trip - open for any other European as well - passes through Beijing, where discussions are planned with representatives from commerce and politics in Heilongjiang‘s capital and from there on to among other places, Qiqihar, by far China‘s most significant centre for heavy and machine tool industry. The University of Harbin is noted for its high standards and state-of-the-art infrastructure, where co-operation between business, society and science is demonstrable. Accordingly, start-up companies in the field of research have received focused sup-port and cutting-edge application methods have been applied to foster especially those businesses involved in future-oriented industries such as IT, bio and nanotechnology.

During the Business Mission, there will be frank and open discussion of current issues concerning recent event.

The German Chamber of Foreign Trade has declared itself ready to explain the current situation in China to the delegation and other interested participants. The “Chinese Academy for Social Sciences” is the government’s definitive “think tank” as far as strategic questions on political and economic issues are concerned, and will welcome the delegation to an exchange of ideas. In particular, we are pleased about the readiness of H.E Mei Zhaorong to greet the delegation. As long-term ambassador of China in both parts of Germany, he is still the authoritative spokesperson on the Chinese-German and European policies and a close friend of the German Global Trade Forum Berlin.

Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to take part in the 21th China Harbin International Fair for Trade and Economic Co-operation (website:, , which is taking place between 15th and 19th June, 2010 in Harbin. The event, which was conceived with the whole of North-East China in mind and has focussed on an international audience since 2007, awakened considerable international interest last year. Since then “Harbin the capital of Siberia” is by no means an exaggeration. The massive presence of Russian, Korean, Japanese and even US companies and delegations underpins the old strategic significance of not just North-East China, but also and especially of the developing economic region as a whole, and is demonstrated not least by the considerable raw material resources at hand. Al-though the old nomenclature of “Manchuria” is frowned upon, an historical perspective of the interests of the old colonial powers makes it clear what this region is still all about. Today, both Chinese and Russian companies are setting the course for development. However, the interest of strategic industries in the region and its potential remain as strong as ever.

Raw materials, resources and vast land spaces in exchange for industrial development, research, production and project development: these are the buzzwords which will be-come reality over the coming decades. Reason enough to take the chance of building reciprocal relationships based on common advantage as early as possible.

The wealth of resources in North-East Asia through to Alaska/Canada, as well as for Europeans the extremely agreeable climate, are conclusive arguments for Germany‘s partner countries in South-East Asia to sharpen their profile as an alternative economic area to Japan, China and, in the future, India, in the awareness of the need to continually improve in order to withstand competition from other regions. Occasional sobering experiences of China’s booming liberalised market, of which there have been more than a few, have contributed to the conviction, especially in North-East China, that the future of a modern society depends upon sustainable regard for nature and the environment.

One of the top projects will be the cooperation along the Transsiberian Railway from Asia to Europe which will become more important with the realization of the newly planned railway link between China and city of Narvik in Norway.

This is reason enough to follow in the path of other successful examples of development projects abroad. Merging demand and reality can and indeed must be the result of exemplary co-operation, which creates a win-win situation, and is the most important pre-requisite for success in every single project. We most warmly invite you to work with us towards the development of relations with the region and to acquaint yourself with these personally by participating in the delegation.
Shanghai and EXPO 2010 will be last stage of the Business Mission to join the Berlin-Brandenburg presentations within the EXPO program. According to projections of Brandenburg, a conference of the partner regions Brandenburg & Heilongjiang will start the Brandenburg presentations. Key industries and subjects of bilateral cooperations are (amoung others) Energy – plant building, CO-storage, operation, Biogas, Energy efficiency), Logistics, modern Geo Information Systems (satellite based), Agro Business, modern civil contruction, recultivation of land and industrial sites, Sciences). Heilongjiang will prepare for joint operation in April already when a top level government delegation will visit German Capital City Region of Berlin-Brandenburg. Prof. Dr. Andreas Timmermann, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs & Markets of Brandenburgs Ministry of Economics is optimistic about the future role of Brandenburg in China. Timmermann, now CEO of Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Alliance and President of Werner von Braun Association as well, will lead Brandenburg`s Delegation to China.
Brandenburgs newly appointed Minister of Economics Ralf Christoffers is expected to open the activities “Berlin-Brandenburg meet China” at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai (18.06.-31.10.2010). Senator Harald Wolf, counterpart in Berlin Capital City and a business delegation from Berlin is expected beginning of May already in Shanghai to start Berlin`s presentations at EXPO 2010.

The Business Mission to China 2010 is an option for those companies and institutions who have strategic interests in China and want to expand their operations to the more potential areas of China. Applications for presentations can be made by email:

German Business & Technology Forum Harbin 2010

Organized by
German Global Trade Forum Berlin
In friedly co-operation with Harbin Trade Fair

Sonsored by
The People's Government of Heilongjiang Province
Ministry of Economics of Federal State of Brandenburg
Chamber of Industry and Commerce East Brandenburg
Chamber of Industry and Commerce Potsdam
IPK Fraunhofer Institut
ZAB-Investment Agency of Brandenburg State/Germany

At Harbin International Fair 2010
Sponsored by:
Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
National Development and Reform Commission
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
The People's Government of Heilongjiang Province
The People's Government of Zhejiang Province
The People's Government of Harbin Municipality.

Co-organized by:
United Nations Industry Development Organization (UNIDO)
United Nations Development and Planning Organization (UNDPO)
Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Ministry for Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation
Russian Presidential Plenipotentiary Representative Office in Far East Federal District
Russian Presidential Plenipotentiary Representative Office in Siberian Federal District
European Union Chamber of Commerce in China
The American Chamber of Commerce in the People's Republic of China
Japanese Association of the Promotion of International Trade
Japan External Trade Organization
Japan-China Northeast Development Association
Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency
International Enterprise Singapore
Small Medium Industry Association of Malaysia
Hong Kong Trade Development Council

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