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Party chief Yu's New Year message: Full support for Expo

2010. 14 February

by Zhu Moqing
( Shanghai Party Secretary Yu Zhengsheng called on Shanghai residents to contribute deep commitments and full efforts to support World Expo 2010 Shanghai in his Chinese New Year speech delivered Friday morning on a Spring Festival Gala at Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Shanghai residents ensured orderly preparation for the Expo with a firm commitment to stand together and conquer hardships during the past year, Yu concluded at the beginning of his speech.

"This year marks the 'final battle' for the Expo," Yu said. "We will launch a city-scale mobilization with full efforts to ensure a successful, splendid and unforgettable World Expo 2010. We must not betray our deep commitments and disappoint people's trust."

Han Zheng, Mayor of Shanghai, Feng Guoqin, chairman of the CPPCC Shanghai Committee, and more than 1,000 guests also attended the Gala, which featured greetings for the Chinese New Year and performances by the city's celebrated artists.

Late Friday afternoon Yu and Han visited the Expo site and delivered New Year's greetings to construction workers, project administrators and security guards who would spend the festival on the site.

Yu expressed deep gratitude to the Expo constructors especially those from distant provinces and extended his New Year's greetings to their families.

"We have conquered countless hardships one after another in the eight years since our successful bidding to host the Expo," Yu toasted representatives of Expo constructors and security guards on a banquet held at the Expo Center's restaurant.

On the banquet Yu also encouraged the constructors to face the challenges posed by the approaching of the opening day of the Expo and ensure a successful, splendid and unforgettable Expo by following Chinese President Hu Jintao's demands put forward during his inspection to the preparation of the Expo.