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Shanghai Improves Meteorological Services for World Expo

2010. 15 February

( Shanghai, which will host the World Expo 2010, is ready to provide online live broadcasting service on major meteorological disasters, local meteorologists said Monday.

A map of geological distribution of meteorological disasters in Shanghai has been completed on the basis of historical data about frequencies of such disasters.

During the Expo that will be held in the city from May 1 to Oct. 31, warning services against extremely high temperature will also be provided for local residents and visitors from outside the city, helping ease negative effect from undue heat on human health.

Shanghai has already established a data bank on meteorogical disasters and developed a disaster information collection and management platform, according to the local meteorologists.

In a related development, Shanghai has managed to improve its air quality. In 2009, the city recorded 334 days of good air quality, or 91.5 percent of the total days for the year, according to the city's environmental protection department. The proportion was 1.9 percentage points higher than the 2008 level. The density of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere decreased by 31.4 percent, the department said.