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Fireworks show to celebrate Chinese New Year

2010. 16 February

Fireworks explode near finance buildings over the Victoria Harbor to celebrate the Chinese new year in Hong Kong Monday, Feb. 15, 2010. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

( Hundreds of thousands of people braved the rain on Monday to watch Chinese New Year fireworks light up Hong Kong's iconic skyline.

Local residents lined both sides of Victoria Harbor for the display on the second day of the Year of the Tiger. Nearly 24 thousand computer-controlled fireworks lit up the skies during the 23-minute show.

The display consisted of nine scenes including the Chinese character for ji, symbolizing good fortune, the characters "EXPO" and "2010" celebrating the Shanghai World Expo later this year, and Chrysanthemum-shaped fireworks wishing Hong Kong the best.

The annual event has taken place in Hong Kong since 1982 and is meant to scare away demons to ensure good luck.