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Staggered hours not necessary

2010. 22 February

( Shanghai will not stagger the working hours for residents who live near the 2010 World Expo site to prevent traffic congestion during rush hours, a city official said.

Shanghai Urban Construction and Communication Commission Director Huang Rong said it wouldn't be necessary since residents in the area travel in the opposite direction to those who would be going to the Expo.

Meanwhile, direct buses to the Expo site will be no more expensive than that of other buses. Most of the city's buses charge 2 yuan (29 US cents) per person.

Transport hubs, including the city's two airports, two railway stations and the international circuit, will set up 16 direct bus routes to the Expo site. These routes are expected to transport 15 percent of visitors.

Shuttle buses picking up visitors from subway stations to the Expo entrances will be free.

More effort will be made before the Expo to further improve public transportation, including the construction of nine temporary parking lots.

The parking lots will be completed by the end of March, Huang said.

Parking fees will range from 5 to 10 yuan per day at the five major park-and-ride lots in Jiading, Minhang and Songjiang districts. They will provide more than 10,000 spaces for private vehicles.

The parking lots around the Expo site for group tourists will be free of charge.