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KOTRA Anticipates the Opening of Korean Pavilion

2010. 23 February

President Cho of KOTRA (in the middle) listening to the speaker at the briefing

by Bang Jung-hyun

( KOTRA had its groundbreaking signboard hanging ceremony and officially began the construction of Shanghai Expo Korean pavilion on February 23.
On this day, president Cho of KOTRA made sure, during its comprehensive meeting to evaluate the situation, in which corporations and related organizations should strive towards the common goal of finishing the Korean pavilion in great success.

The Korean pavilion will be the largest pavilion occupying Shanghai expo site in Korean history. This three story building will cover 7,683.5 square metres, and its size is the second largest following the Chinese pavilion.

Also, the Korean pavilion is now 88 percent completed, and in terms of major architectural construction it is highly possible to be finished by the end of this month. After going through the trial run, the Korean pavilion will be ready to welcome visitors from all around the world at the start of 'Shanghai World Expo in 2010' May 1.

President Cho of KOTRA considers Shanghai Expo of paramount importance that will elevate Korea's national image.

He said, "We will together focus on improving the country's pride, strengthening ties between China and Korea, and promoting Expo Yeosu."