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Free health jabs for Expo workers

2010. 25 February

by Cai Wenjun
( Shanghai will vaccinate World Expo staff and other key workers such as public service officials against major infectious diseases like measles, hepatitis A and cholera, Shanghai Health Bureau revealed today.

It will also set up a three-level network to prevent infectious diseases covering the Expo zone, the city and Yangtze River Delta, according to its latest disease prevention plan.

Shanghai has vaccinated 2.05 million vulnerable people with swine flu inoculations, and plans to vaccinate 3 million for seasonal flu, said official Song Guofan.

"Seasonal flu is difficult to prevent, since the virus strain could mutate and large number of people all over the world will visit the Expo starting in May."

Severe acute respiratory syndrome, swine flu, seasonal flu, measles, human's bird flu, cholera and hand-foot-mouth disease are all key infectious diseases under the supervision and management of local health authorities.