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Wind plant set for city island

2010. 26 February

( Construction of one of the city's major wind-power plants in Changxing Island will begin in May, the latest step toward greener energy.

Shanghai Shenneng New Energy Investment Co Ltd said the project's first phase, with 24 wind turbines, should be finished in six months.

But the company said the green energy is "unlikely to serve the coming 2010 World Expo."

The windmills, located next to the under-construction Qingcaosha Reservoir, are to generate 100 million kilowatt hours of electricity yearly, enough for more than 65,000 households.

The capacity will reach 250 million kilowatt hours a year by 2015, with 60 turbines in service, said a manager surnamed Jin.

The 1.5 billion yuan (US$219.6 million) plant is part of a plan, first drafted in 2006, to build 13 wind-power plants in the city by 2020.

Shanghai built its first four windmills in Fengxian District near Hangzhou Bay in 2003. It also has plants in the Pudong New Area and the Chongming County seashore areas.

By early next month, Shanghai will also see the completion of Asia's first sea-wind power plant. The 2.3 billion yuan offshore plant, with its 34 wind turbines, will generate 260 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

However, the wind farms can contribute only "a really, really small portion of the city's power supply," said Huang Weijie, of Shanghai Power Electric Co Ltd, the city's power supplier.

By the end of this year, the power capacity of all the wind farms in Shanghai will reach at least 220,000 kilowatts. That's 1.4 percent of the city's whole power capacity.