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Survey: One fourth of respondents plan to visit 2010 Shanghai Expo

2009. 27 May

( According to the latest survey about 2010 Shanghai World Exposition, 38% of Chinese respondents expressed their intention to visit the World Exposition and 8% of them said they would definitely go.

Based on the results of the survey, the number of visitors for 2010 Shanghai World Exposition is expected to exceed the previously estimated number of 70 million.

The survey also shows that in addition to the entrance fee, respondents also planned to spend an average of 1522 Yuan on events, foreign food and products.

The respondents of this survey covered most parts of China. They mainly aged from 19 to 35 years old (89%) and the majority were male (62%).

The survey shows that the most important key words of 2010 Shanghai World Exposition in the view of the respondents were sustainable development (63%), technology (63%) and innovation (56%).

Most respondents expressed their enthusiasm and expectation for Shanghai World Exposition. 80% of them hoped to experience the culture and art of other countries. 72% of them showed curiosity for new technology. 65% of them demonstrated clearly that the main purpose of attending the World Exposition was to get in touch with new stuff and new technology.

Source: By People's Daily Online