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Eight-story pavilion built in one day

2010. 7 March

Builders assemble the Broad Air Conditioning Pavilion yesterday at the Expo site in Puxi.

by Yang Jian

( An eight-story pavilion was completed within 15 hours at the World Expo 2010 site yesterday.

Construction of the steel structure, windows and walls of the 3,200-square-meter Broad Air Conditioning Pavilion
started at 7am and was completed at around 10pm.

The water supply system and air-conditioning were also installed yesterday on the Puxi site pavilion. It is one of 17 corporate pavilions at the Expo.

Workers spent two months manufacturing parts of the pavilion at factories in Changsha, capital city of Hunan Province, where the company is based.

They were ready for assembly at the Expo site, said Lu Hu, deputy president of the company. The foundation was also completed earlier, he said.

Thirty container trucks filled with the structure's steel components lined up at the site yesterday and three cranes plucked components numbered in construction sequence from them.

The structure is L-shaped and can withstand the force of a 9.0-magnitude earthquake, Lu said.