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All Shanghai Expo projects nearly finished, Expo Village completed

2010. 9 March

( Counting from March 8, there are only 54 days before the opening ceremony of the Shanghai 2010 World Expo. Currently, all Expo projects are wrapping up. The pavilion construction tasks headed by their respective hosts will be completed by the end of March.

As of now, 95 percent of the Expo projects headed by the organizer have been completed.

The Expo Cultural Center, which was the last project of the "1 axis and 4 pavilions" to start construction, has been completed and is being decorated. The decoration on some floors has been finished and workers are now cleaning the floors.

Systems such as the water system and the electrical and mechanical systems are being operated and tested. The lawn planting and road construction work outside is also about to be finished.

It is expected that all work will be completed by the end of March.

In addition, districts including the Urban Best Practices Area and the Expo Village have already been completed and are being operated and tested.

In regards to the pavilions being constructed by exhibitors, 80 percent of the 42 national pavilions have completed civil construction and are currently being decorated, and 90 percent of the 18 enterprise pavilions have been completed.

Currently, all water, electricity, gas and drainage facilities of the Expo Site have been completed, and workers are trying their best to tie up all loose ends, including constructing the Expo Site's entrances and exits, sun-shading and gardening, work for the drinking water supply, and the arrangement of chairs, stools, sculptures and signboards.