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Macau Pavilion costs MOP20 million less

2010. 15 March

The Macau Preparation Office for the Shanghai Expo gives the media the latest updates of the Macau Pavilion.

( The Macau Preparation Office for the Shanghai Expo revealed that the overall budget for the operating expenses and construction of the Macau Pavilion will not go beyond MOP 180 million, which is below the original plan of 200 million patacas.

The Office’s director Ieong Pou Yee also said in the Saturday press conference that the construction of the Tak Seng On and “Jade Rabbit Lantern” Pavilions will be completed by early April.

“Thanks to the international reputation of the Shanghai Expo, a lot of participating construction companies hope to tap into the mainland market through this opportunity and therefore are willing to offer a reasonable price,” Ieong said.

“The filming and production crew and actors amounting to around 500 people inside the Pavilion are volunteers from Macau, and the research work is also done by the Office. That’s why the budget is significantly minimized,” she added.

From the initial stage of preparation, exhibit design, filming and installation works of the Macau Pavilion, Ieong said nearly 1,000 personnel were involved in the projects.

The relate construction and operating expenses will not exceed MOP 180 million, down MOP 20 million compared to the original budget of MOP 200 million. No emergency project was activated. As for the Macau Pavilion, Ieong said since the internal multimedia facilities are more complicated, the installation is expected to be done in early April and the trial operation can then begin in mid-April.

She said that the media will be arranged to visit the site during the trial operation, and the Pavilion will be opened as scheduled on May 1. The 2010 Shanghai Expo will run from May 1 to October 31, 2010. Around 70 million of visitors are expected to go to see the event. The theme of the Expo is “Better City, Better Life”, representing the common wish of the whole humankind for a better living in the future urban environment.

The Expo Site covers a total area of 5.28 square kilometres, including the enclosed area and outside areas of support facilities.

It spans both sides of the Huangpu River, with 3.93 square kilometres in Pudong and 1.35 square kilometres in Puxi. The enclosed area measures 3.28 sq km. There are 12 pavilion groups, eight in the Pudong Section and four in Puxi, each with an average area of 10 to 15 hectares, according to the official website.