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Helicopters to handle Expo emergency cases

2010. 19 March

by Cai Wenjun
( Helicopters will be used during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo to transport patients from the Expo zone to designated hospitals, officials from Shanghai Health Bureau said yesterday.

The Shanghai Medical Emergency Center is cooperating with the Shanghai Police Aviation Force, which has one medical helicopter and another copter that will be used as backup.

Xu Jianguang, director of Shanghai Health Bureau, said Shanghai has made detailed preparations for medical needs.

"Prevention of major public health events and infectious disease outbreak, drinking water safety inside the Expo zone, food safety and effective medical service are our top tasks for a smooth Expo," Xu said.

Local health authorities will set up five first-aid stations and have designated seven nearby hospitals to receive patients transported from the zone.

Ruijin Hospital and Huashan Hospital, two of the seven designated care centers, have helicopter pads and fast channels from the pad to the operating room.

First aid at medical stations will be free, but the follow-up treatment at hospitals will be a paid service.

The charging mechanism is under discussion.