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Budget Tours for Expo 2010 Shanghai

2010. 25 March

( In many ways for tourists, the Shanghai Expo is reminiscent of the Olympics in Beijing. Shanghai has gone through a major construction boom and cleanup phase, with the Bund completely renovated and countless sights and hotels receiving face lifts. Hotels have raised their prices and are getting booked out far in advance. And of course tour suppliers have raised their prices. Why? Because they can.

This affects the whole supply chain. Since guides, drivers and hotels are about 30% more expensive, tours themselves cost more to run. Thus travel agencies must raise their prices.

While The China Guide ( ) is not immune to this problem, they do realize that people want to travel on a budget, and thus have focused their Expo tours to be all inclusive, high quality while still having a fair price tag.

The China Guide offers two Expo tours (2 and 3 days) and can customize them to suit client needs. They also offer two Shanghai city tours without Expo (1 and 2 days).

"We have not raised our profit during the Expo period. However we have had to raise our prices to absorb higher guide and vehicle costs," says Judy Huang, Travel Manager at The China Guide. "We also have some unique offerings, such as having drinks at the Cloud 9 bar on the 88th floor of the Grand Hyatt hotel rather than going up the Oriental Pearl TV Tower to view the cityscape. It has much more class and atmosphere, plus the tour includes a drink," remarks Huang, "Our tours do not include hotels as our clients often make their own arrangements. We have close relations with many quality hotels in various budgets, so can add a hotel on to any tour itinerary. We can also customize the tours with airport transfers, Acrobat show tickets and other services."

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About The China Guide

The China Guide ( ) is a Beijing-based travel agency, American owned and operated. Specializing in western-style service and quality with hassle free web bookings, they work with clients to customize tours that match their travel style. Operating only in China, they have up to date knowledge and offer exciting experiences for travelers including their famous Sleep on the Great Wall tour. The China Guide avoids the common factory shopping stops that are not reflective of the true China.

SOURCE The China Guide