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Making it easier for foreign visitors

2010. 27 March

by Xinhua
( China's Ministry of Public Security will take a series of measures to make foreign visitors' Expo-themed trips more convenient.

According to a statement released yesterday, travelers from 32 foreign countries will not be required to receive a transit visa if they stop at Hongqiao or Pudong airport
for less than 48 hours during the 2010 World Expo from May 1 to October 31.

The travelers may receive approval from the local exit and entry administration if they want to leave the airports temporarily.

The statement did not specify which 32 countries.

During the event, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou will set up green channels to speed up entry and departure procedures for Expo workers, exhibition personnel and visitors, the statement said.

A special lobby will also be set up at the Expo site to provide visa-related services for foreign visitors and working personnel and their family members, with simplified procedures to apply for visas and temporary stay permission.

In addition, a Chinese-English bilingual 24-hour hotline will be set up to provide exit-entry information.