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Syria ready to participate in Shanghai Expo

2010. 29 March

( Syria has almost finished the preparatory work for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, its Expo appearance in a decade, Syrian International Fair and Exhibitions Bureau chief Mohammad Hammoud told Xinhua in an interview on Sunday.

Hammoud said that the Syrian exhibition hall will be entirely ready on April 25. The hall, decorated with a traditional Damascus style, covers 324 square meters, in which Syrian history, historical sites, folk-customs, culture, agricultural products, tourism and Syrian people's life will be presented in various forms.

The Syrian official underlined that Shanghai Expo is a great occasion to promote the Syria's culture, history and tourism. "It is a unique opportunity and experience for all to exchange culture, technology and civilization," he said.

"Furthermore, we have chosen October 17 as Syria day, when a Syrian art group is going to present folkloric shows, in addition with a program of lectures and symposiums about Damascus, the oldest inhabited capital in human history," Hammoud said.

He also confirmed that China's preparations for Shanghai Expo were "distinguished."

"I believe that the Shanghai Expo will be a great event of harmony and understanding of our world and we appreciate highly the support from Chinese government and its people for our preparations," Hammoud said.

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