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Ghana ready to participate in Shanghai Expo 2010

2010. 30 March

( Ghana would participate in World Expo 2010 scheduled for Shanghai, China, between May and October this year.

Under the theme "Better City, Better Life", it would offer Ghana, an opportunity to showcase her unique and enviable experiences of urban development and how to create an eco-friendly society as well as maintaining the sustainable development of human beings.


Addressing a press conference in Accra on Tuesday, Mr Mahama Ayariga, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry said the theme was in line with Ghana's quest to promote and exchange ideas as well as learn from other countries on how to effectively manage the growing concern of rural urban migration.

With regard to Ghana's preparations towards the event that would attract about 70 million people would-wide and 48 African countries, Mr Ayariga said, Ghana had secured a stand and a team dispatched to put the place in order.


He said Ghana had adopted the theme "Garden City", under the sub-theme "Mode for Rural Development" and "Interaction between Cities and Villages".


The sub-themes anticipated the judicious use of resources to enhance socio-economic advancement and sound environment stewardship.


"Ghana's theme seeks to encourage rural dwellers to engage in valuable venture, promote de-centralisation and rural development, promote healthy social and environmental practices, like green belt cities as well as promote food and security," he said.   


Mr Ayariga designated, Commissioner General of Ghana for World Expo 2010, noted that it would be used to showcase her uniqueness culture, the growing attraction of rural areas due to infrastructural expansion, the potential of agro-processing to rural employment and the success story of Ghana's cocoa industry.


The event would be used to display Ghana's medical plant herbs and spices, trade and investment opportunities, eco-tourism and sites potentials, natural resource endowment and the nation's social cohesion of various communities.   


He said, "Ghana would demonstrate to China and the rest of the world our unique relational-nature, describing it as a relationship of respect, preservation and responsibility."


"We will show the profound depths of our cultural diversity and how we intend to build a new Ghana," Mr Ayariga said.


He said that as part the country's participation, a data base on local business being complied would be made available to prospective Chinese business partners in sectors which they would like to invest.


Mr. Ayariga said government had introduced an innovation under which 300 Ghanaian businessmen would travel to China on six different trips to meet entrepreneur's world-wide to discuss the need for them to invest in Ghana. 


He said that "Ghanaian businesses are in need of some infusion of capital, skills and technology to make giant steps towards our industralisation agenda".


"The Expo would bring together companies from all over the world and become a one-stop shop at which entrepreneurs can potentially find significant amount of solutions to their problems in business match-making," Mr Ayariga said.


The Expo is the first to be held in a developing country therefore, the Chinese Government has set up a fund to support other participating developing countries.


Chinese Government has provided 324 square metre floor space for Ghana free-of-charge to display Ghanaian culture and various achievements.


Expo 2010 would provide a platform for participating countries, regions and organisations to share experiences of urban development, discuss advanced ideas on cities, and explore new approaches to eco-friendly lifestyles and working conditions as well as sustainable development.