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China Innovation Optimizes Usage of Three New Industries

2010. 1 April

( To solve the problems of environmental pollution, shortage of resources and global warming, constructing a green energy-saving society is thought to be a worldwide target, which optimizes the living standard by making use of scientific technology. Devoting much energy to the dual-use of 'Three-New Industries', China Innovation Investment Limited ("China Innovation", 1217.HK) will soon develop into a low-carbon energy conserving industry chain, and further expand the application of "New Energy Resources", "New Light Resources" and "New Materials", joining a one-stop service from design, research and development, and production to operation.

Energy conservation has become a global trend, with solar energy as inexhaustible clean energy, its carbon emission rate being comparatively low. Credit Suisse predicted earlier that the international solar power capacity in the first quarter performed far better than expected, with demand for solar energy jumping this year.

The World Expo in Shanghai is to be held in May, which served as a showcase for the Government's talent in new energy. The 5.8 square kilometer Expo Park will be the world's largest adopter of solar energy with a capacity of 4.6 megawatts, while in the theme Expo Park, the world's largest roof power plant will gear up with 2.6 megawatts, to supply clean electricity tor the Park.

The market demand for solar energy keeps increasing, explaining the wide variety of solar-electronic appliances designed to meet public needs. China Innovation aims at investing in the dual-use of 'Three-New Industries', including "New Energy Resources", "New Light Resources" and "New Materials", to form a one-stop energy-saving chain with inter-systematic setting through this investment in high technology industries.

China Innovation just completed the transaction on Topsun Creation Limited ('Topsun'), and entered into the Acquisition Agreement with C.G.E. (HK) Co., Limited ("CGE") and United Crown Century Company Limited, "United Crown Century", formerly named "Moral Glory Limited"), these three companies engage in solar storage battery, LED/LCD backlight and lighting and energy conserving materials respectively, which compose the investment flagship of "New Energy Resources", "New Light Resources" and "New Materials".

China Innovation plans to further modernize the utilization of 'Three-New Industries'. With Dooda Innovation Limited ('Dooda')'s design in applications and solutions for 'Three-New Industries', Blue Angel (H.K.) Limited ("Blue Angel", formerly named SNG Hong Kong Limited), one of China Innovation's investments will mainly take part in the production part, to fabricate electric cars, electric books and advertising screens, showcasing the solar and LED technology. The Company's investment strategy is to play all the roles in upper, middle and lower stream through the involvement in "New Energy Resources", "New Light Resources" and "New Materials", and form a synergistic one-stop setting.

About China Innovation Investment Limited

China Innovation Investment Limited ("China Innovation", Stock Code:, as an investment expert in the field of dual-use technology and energy-saving industry, focuses on 'Three-New Industries', including "New Energy Resources", "New Light Resources" and "New Materials", promotes the military high-tech environment-friendly products to the civil market and wins a vast potential for future development. The Company is listed on The Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ("the stock Exchange") on 28 August 2002.

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Apr 1, 2010
Source: China Innovation Investment Limited

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