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Radiation devices nixed during Expo

2010. 2 April

by Ni Yinbin
( Shanghai will ban all radiation devices for engineering and industrial use during the six-month World Expo period, according to a new regulation announced yesterday.

Under the regulation, com-panies and vehicles transporting hazardous chemicals must apply for a special license
from the city's transport authorities before taking to the road.

All vehicles are supposed to have Global Positioning System devices.

In addition, only local authorized companies will be allowed to transport hazardous substances in Shanghai.

Officials say explosives, special and toxic chemicals and radioactive isotopes are common in various kinds of industries.

Keeping a closer eye on them during the Expo period could prevent them from becoming hazards to the public.

"If necessary, the transport of explosives would be banned citywide during a certain period of time," said the press release. "All the relevant vehicles would be monitored through the GPS."

The press release said the new regulation was drawn up to prevent hazardous cargo from being robbed or stolen.

Meanwhile, the use of gamma defectoscopes - used to detect cracks and holes inside materials - and radioactive isotopes - used in energy, agriculture, hospitals and archeology - will also be banned during the Expo except for medical purposes.