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Team impressed with work in Shanghai

2010. 19 April

by Michael Tokuru
( The advance team to Shanghai World Expo 2010 which left the country fortnight ago to help setup the Solomon Islands booth before the soft opening of the World Expo on 20-26th April is impressed with the progress of the Solomon islands booth in Shanghai.

The team had the opportunity to visit the Pacific Pavilion at the World Expo site.

The team noted the Solomon Islands booth like all the other booths for the south pacific countries is still under construction.

The booths constructions are expected to be completed this week.

Last week, the team had the opportunity to meet with Chris Cole of the Pacific Architect which is responsible for the construction of the booth structures at the Pacific Pavilion and raised their concern on the delay in completing the Solomon Islands booth; however, the team noted the technical reasons for the delay in completing all booth structures in the Pacific Pavilion.

It was agreed during the meeting that a replica of a Solomon Islands custom house is to be built at the entrance to the Solomon Islands booth.

While in Shanghai, the team has had the opportunity to follow up the Solomon Islands’ container of exhibition items with Agility Fairs & Events Ltd the shipping agent in Shanghai which is responsible for clearing all containers for the world expo with customs.

The team was able to sort out some paperwork needed for custom clearance for the container which arrived on Wednesday last week.

From Shanghai, the team also had the opportunity to work with the Pacific Pavilion Director Mrs Bernadette Ganilau who is based at the Expo Village in Shanghai and Mrs Esther Morrel of the South Pacific Tourism Organization based in Suva, Fiji, regarding tickets and visas for China and Hong Kong for the four Solomon Islands expo staff who arrived in Shanghai last Thursday.

Expo training and other formalities for all expo staff from the south pacific countries including Solomon Islands is expected to take place this next week.

Owing to time constraint and the delay in completing the Solomon Islands booth the team decided to have one member of the team remain in Shanghai for another week to assist in setting up the Solomon Islands booth while the rest of the team leave Shanghai on Saturday.

In spite of a few hurdles, the advance team is pleased with the way things are progressing for Solomon Islands here in Shanghai.