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Chilean Pavilion At Shanghai Expo Gets Ready

2010. 26 April

by Alia Alhafny
( Although the Shanghai Expo officially kicks off this coming weekend, 50,000 people were invited to attend the pre-inaugural event last week, with Chile’s pavilion proving to be especially popular.

More than 190 countries will be represented during the event, alongside 50 international organizations.
The Shanghai Expo follows the international tradition of World Expos, which allow these countries and organizations to showcase in an international forum.

More than 100 million visitors are expected to attend, making the Shanghai Expo the largest one in history.

Students and other invitees had the opportunity to see what the Expo has to offer before the doors are officially open to the public next Saturday. The Expo will run until October 31.

The Chilean contingent is represented by, amongst others, former Ambassador Fernando Reyes Matta. A multi-disciplinary team made up of art directors, journalists, engineers, and architects has also been sent to Shanghai to represent Chile at the Expo.

Chile’s pavilion includes three installations which will promote Chile to Expo visitors and which the country hopes will be among the more memorable displays.

“It was a hectic job to finalize details, connect screens and finish placing the products where they belong,” Reyes Matta said. Elements of the Chilean exhibit are ready to go, he added, including El Tronco de los Sonidos, which introduces the public to Chile using audio, and el Pozo de las Antipodas, which explains a myth connecting Chile and China.

Relations between Chile and China have been increasing significantly over the last decade. Chilean exports to China have increased some 950% between 2000 and 2009, with copper leading the way. And the free trade agreement signed between the two countries in 2006 has allowed agricultural exports to increase substantially (ST, Feb 10, 2010).

According to the official website of the Chilean congregation in China, (, their main goal is to participate in a way which shows the best of what Chile has to offer and leaves the country’s name in high standing, in one of the most important economic forums that China has ever hosted.