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Seychelles makes its mark as a tourism

2010. 3 May

by ETN
( President James Michel of the Creole Tropical Islands of the Seychelles has attended the Opening Ceremony of the Shanghai Expo 2010, which was staged alongside the city's Huangpu River and watched by thousands of residents and tourists, as well as millions of people around the world. The opening was attended by Chinese President Hu Jintao together with 20 heads of state, senior Chinese officials, and many foreign dignitaries.

“It was a spectacular and unforgettable Opening Ceremony. Shanghai, the Pearl of the Orient, has surpassed all expectations and has indeed become the pride of all the Chinese people. On behalf of the people of Seychelles, I congratulate President Hu Jintao and the people of China for this success.”

President Michel said that Seychelles has been a strong supporter of Shanghai's candidacy for the exposition and that this is the first time that Seychelles is taking part.

“This international event is a remarkable show of the achievements of the Chinese civilization, as well as all human development. All the people from around the world who have come to Shanghai will be able to deepen their mutual understanding and friendship and join hands towards a greener and more sustainable future.”

The Shanghai Expo theme is "Better City, Better Life," where many countries are displaying their achievements in eco-friendly technology and sustainable development. In its pavilion, Seychelles will be showcasing its natural beauty and its achievements in environmental protection, as well as the dynamism and vibrancy of its people and culture. The Seychelles pavilion at the exposition will also be opened by President Michel during his visit.

The Seychelles Pavillion at EXPO 2010 is showcasing the exceptional beauty of the Seychelles Islands and it is one pavilion built with the promotion of the islands tourism industry in mind. A Chinese Edition of the Seychelles Leisure & Business Guide was launched at the opening day of the EXPO 2010 to adequately inform the visiting public on the island's beauty and on the possibilities existing for investment in the Seychelles. The Seychelles Leisure & Business Guide is published in English and French by Daniella Payet-Alis and her son Laurent, and today a Chinese Edition has been launched to show the interest of the Seychelles for the Chinese Market.

President James Michel has made the point in several meetings with the Chinese leadership of the desire of the Seychelles to be connected to China with a direct air service. The Seychelles director of tourism marketing, Alain St. Ange, who accompanied the president on his China visit has said the Seychelles is the gateway to Africa, and he welcomed the appeal made by the president of the republic to initiate discussions on the possibility of having direct air access between China and Seychelles with the possibility of an onward connection to another African destination. Seychelles has also used the EXPO 2010 to announce the opening of a tourist office in Shanghai and for participating in the tourism prmotional fairs in September in Shanghai.