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Don't get stuck in portable toilets

2010. 3 May

Photo: [ geeknerd99's photostream] by Robert Schrader
( So, China Daily has just published ten do's and dont's for Expo. While most of the "do" section seems to be pretty common sense, we can't say the same for the latter. In fact, we literally can't believe this one came at number four:

Visitors often got stuck in the portable toilets during the Expo trail period. This could be caused by the unusual design of the door locks inside, which apparently baffled many people. You may decide to use non-portable toilets.

So what supersedes the smell of human excrement stewing in the Shanghai heat and humidity? For one, "don't overdo photography." As Haibao reminds us, "a photograph or video cannot surpass the beauty of the original." Fair enough. At number two is a battlecry that seems to foreshadow what might happen if you can't make it into a portable toilet someone else is stuck inside of - "don't mess the environment." To our dismay, "don't forget to use prepositions" doesn't top the list. That honor goes to "don't hinder security checks" because after all, is anything a bigger threat to Expo security than beverages brought in from outside?