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Taiwan-made fiber fabric shines at Shanghai Expo

2010. 4 May

by Kuo Mei-lan and Frances Huang
( High-tech luminous fabric produced in Taiwan has been spotlighted at a theme show of the Expo 2010 Shanghai, a representative of the manufacturer said Tuesday.

The fabric is used in the costumes of flying dancers in the show "Windows of City, " a joint production of the Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group
and the Taipei Arts International Association that is being performed many times a day at the international expo.

It marks the first time that the fabric, which consists of fiber optics or LEDs embedded in the thread or the fabric, has appeared at a World Expo, a representative of the manufacturer said.

Anthony Peng, vice president of the fabric's producer GDH Co., said his company is one of only three in the world to supply dance costumes using the luminescent material. The other two are in Japan and Italy.

The glowing costumes in the 30 minute theme show, which portrays urban living in Shanghai using a combination of dance and music, were designed to present an image of a wonderland.

Before introducing its innovative fabric to a global audience at the Shanghai Expo, GDH costumes made of luminous fabric were seen in a dance performed on a China Central Television (CCTV) variety show to celebrate the Lunar New Year earlier this year, Peng said.

GDH, a subsidiary of the Teco Group, is based in the Hsinchu Science Park, one of Taiwan's high-tech centers.