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Culture Voyage: Expo of Costumes

2010. 12 May

( While most of the visitors to the Shanghai Expo are there to learn more about the different things different countries have to offer, some are taking note of all the different costumes the staff at the pavillions are wearing.

Many European pavilions are leading the way with stylish uniforms designed` by major Brands such as Prada and H& M, and these outfits are attracting many visitors to these pavilions.

Take for example the German pavilion, the organizers are not only exhibiting the 'better city better life' concept but also putting the theme into practice with the clothes worn by the pavilion hosts and hostesses.

Marion Conrady, the press officer for the Germany Pavilion, explains.

"When we started to plan Ballancity and we were thinking about better city better life, Of course everything had to do somehow with sustainability and ecological ideas and so on. And so we were thinking ok our staff uniform should wear something which has this idea also included."

Playing a big role to reflect the principle of sustainability, Conrady says style had to be environmentally friendly as well as functional.

"The materials for the jackets and also for the trousers and the skirt are one hundred percent recyclable because it is one hundred percent clean material. And this T shirt is also very, very special. When you put it into the ground when you dig it, for a hundred percent it will disappear after a certain time because it reacts to the bacteria in the ground." The Fabrics have all been manufactured in Germany to demonstrate German industries ecological expertise. And many visitors here are also noticing the difference in outfits when it comes to the hosts of the different pavilions.

p style="MARGIN: 0px 3px 15px">Hannibal Hector is an Argentinean visitor at the Expo.

"The most wonderful uniform for me was the African Uniform because they are typical from their countries they are not like sportswear or sports clothes so for me the African wear was the best amongst the pavilions" Another Visitor John Chen has noticed that the small things can make a difference when it comes to the outfits of different nations.

"What I saw a little different was the UK had a bandana around their neck or sometimes they wore a bandana around their hat that's about it so small differences. You can tell that they are representing their country I guess by showing the colors of their flag wearing them on their uniform "

This event has therefore seen many pavilions and their staff become fashion conscious while keeping an eye on the Expo's carbon neutral and environmentally friendly agenda.