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‘Stuck’ on the 2010 Expo

2010. 12 May

A Chinese acupuncturist shows his love for the Expo with 206 needles in his head

( The 2010 Expo, like all big events, has its share of fanatics, but the Youku video recently on Shanghaiist takes the cake. A Chinese acupuncturist from Macau stuck 206 needles, each with a flag representing one of the 206 countries and territories taking part in the Shanghai Expo, in his head. We'll do everyone a favor and skip the pin-head jokes.

Sitting through the video’s music might be a bit painful, but it’s worth it to see the other impressive part of the man’s devotion to the 2010 Expo: his outfit. It might be more eye catching than the flags themselves.

Shanghaiist does point out that this guy is a bit of a slacker in comparison to the guy who stuck 2008 needles in his head to celebrate the Beijing Olympics. But with October so far away, there’s still a lot of time for Expo fanatics to show us what they’re made of.