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Taste the World Food in the Expo

2010. 12 May

( Shanghai Expo visitors will surely be dazzled by the United Kingdom "hedgehog" Pavilion, the paper cutting-inspired Poland Pavilion, and the robot in the Japan Pavilion. Just as amazing as the sights, however, are the tastes.

You can experience gourmet delights from around the world in a single day. Some pavilions have brought in native chefs to showcase cooking methods,
while others are actually offering visitors free samples of local delicacies - chocolate from Belgium, Japanese sashimi, French foie gras. Now let's go on a food tour of this year's decidedly delicious Expo.

1. Norway Pavilion: Salmon

Living in the mysterious Norwegian Fjords, these salmon contain a lot of oil and are known around the globe as the "Ice Kings". Salmon is delicious as well as having high nutritional value.
Norwegian spring water, akevitt (a Norwegian flavoured spirit) and mutton are also on sale in the restaurant.

2. Singapore Pavilion: Fish Head Curry

A food centre in the Singapore Pavilion is divided into four sections, named after four ethnic groups - Little India, Malay Village, Chinatown and Nyonya Street. You can taste all sorts of exciting, culture-specific dishes in the different sections, such as Little India's Fish Head Curry, Malay Village's Nasi Lemak (steamed coconut rice), Chinatown's Chilli Crab and Nyonya Street's Assam Prawn.

3. Turkey Pavilion: Ice cream

Turkish ice cream is tougher and chewier than other ice cream, and may even require a knife and fork to eat.

4. Pakistan: Barbecue

The Pakistan Pavilion offers barbecued meat and vegetables, along with a secret sauce, spices, rice and mango chutney. Two famous and popular Pakistani drinks, mango yoghurt and mellow milk tea, are also on offer.

5. Malaysia Pavilion: Bak Kut Teh

You will have a real treat in the Malaysia Pavilion when you taste the fresh Malaysian white coffee and nutritious Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup).

6. Ukraine Pavilion: Borsch

In the Ukraine Pavilion, you will be able to enjoy a delicious bowl of Borsch.

7. France Pavilion: Wine

Hundreds of famous wines from Bordeaux, Medoc and Bergerac will be on display in the France Pavilion during the month of September. If you visit the pavilion at that time, you can taste the French wines for free.

8. Belgium Pavilion: Chocolate

If you have room for more food, the "chocolate factory" in the Belgium Pavilion is one of the best dessert choices. You can watch the chocolate-making process and then taste Belgian chocolates free of charge!

9. Czech Pavilion: Beer

In the Czech Pavilion, you can enjoy an ice-cold glass of the most famous beer to be brewed in the Czech Republic Pilsner Urquell, from the city of Pilsen.