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Shanghai Expo urges more low-carbon talents

2010. 12 May

( The Shanghai World Expo has attracted attention from around the world and the explicit aim of the Expo is to publicize the low-carbon concept of urban environmental protection and sustainable development through the pavilions' construction and the exhibition programs. It can be expected that the Shanghai World Expo will promote the development of China's low-carbon economy and urge the further increase of the low-carbon talents.

"Low-carbon" has become the hottest term at the Expo. The pavilions' construction, use and themes all reflect the low-carbon environmental protection concept. The Expo will become a high-tech platform for demonstrating urban environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable development. Insiders said that the Expo will promote the development of the low-carbon industry and low-carbon talents will also become popular.

Recruitment data from shows that as the representatives of Beijing's low-carbon industry, the automobile, environmental protection and electricity industries' demand for jobs in March 2010 increased by about 12 percent, 21 percent and 8 percent respectively compared with February 2010, and increased by about 99 percent, 107 percent and 138 percent compared with the same period last year. The demand for jobs in April further increased.