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Danish bike crash at Chinese World Expo

2010. 20 May

( A Chinese man has broken his leg after crashing a Danish bicycle at the World Expo.
The Danish Pavilion in Shanghai, much lauded by Chinese visitors for its iconic Little Mermaid statue, has found its city bike display less popular after locals encountered difficulties with the foreign two-wheelers.

A 56-year-old Chinese man came away with a broken leg after crashing while attempting to cycle around the Pavilion on one of the flagship Copenhagen city bikes, reports Fyens Stiftstidende newspaper.

Sources from within the Danish camp in Shanghai also reported a number of minor accidents on the specifically designed, Copenhagen-style cycle lane at the national Pavilion.

The main problem seemed to be with the braking system, as Danish bikes employ a pedal-style method whereas Chinese cycles use a more traditional hand braking system, usually on the rear wheel. The Danish bikes also offer a handbrake on the front wheel, although if pressed to quickly this can cause the rider to be thrown headlong over the handlebars.

The Danish Pavilion houses around 250 of the Copenhagen street bikes, with more currently in transit. According to the Copenhagen Post, all of the bikes are now being overhauled and fitted with the rear wheel brake to make them safer for Chinese usage.
The Shanghai World Expo opened its doors on 1st May and will entertain visitors until 31st October.