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Louis Vuitton LV century retrospective

2010. 10 June

( Bags may be a lot of people talk about mind will emerge the classic Louis Vuitton LV logo. Louis Vuitton will debut this year, the French Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, extending up to nearly a half century tradition of participation in World Expo. It is learned from the retrospective exhibition April 28 to October 31, open to the general audience.

LV Louis in 1904 at the Pavilion

In 1867, Louis Vuitton in Paris the first time,
the World Expo. May 2010, Replica Louis Vuitton handbags will debut Shanghai World Expo France Pavilion, extending nearly a half-century-long tradition. It is learned from the retrospective exhibition April 28 to October 31, open to the general audience.

More than 20 pieces of historical classic reproduction of Hang Lung Plaza Shanghai

Who had worked more than 20 pieces of multi-session Expo exhibitors replica handbags antique treasures, will be Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris Asnières delivery Dihu display. With precious antiques show will combine a series of giant bags three-dimensional scene, recalling between 19 and 20 century, Louis Vuitton and the sessions of the Expo's Food of Love. Including for the first time the World Expo exhibition club, follow the trend of train travel gray Trianon canvas flat top waterproof luggage. 1889 exhibited the same year the Eiffel Tower, the brand has become one of the symbols of the Damier canvas, the most famous wardrobe suitcase (Wardrobe trunk), 1925 desk display the famous suitcase (Secretary Trunk) and filled with a variety of crystal , silver, ivory and gold-plated silver accessories of luxury leather toiletries designer handbags, and so on.

Using the latest technology specially designed Louis Vuitton in France will lead the visitors to the museum's exhibition of visual journey into a wonderful, wonderful visual effect to the Paris city and the interpretation of Louis Vuitton classic MONOGRAM flowers, woven into a beautiful fantasy picture. Louis Vuitton travel across the centuries of cultural affinity with the World Expo is also the current through them. French Pavilion and Expo more "perceptual City" echoes the theme.