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World Cup Fever Sweeps Expo Site

2010. 21 June

The World Cup, held every 4 years, has started in South Africa, with attention from 1 billion football fans drawn to this African country.

( While at the other end of the world, where Shanghai World Expo is under way vigorously, the World Cup sweeps also to the bustling Expo site. It’s known that it’s the first time that these two events have fallen on the same year since 21st Century, which is bound to spark into life.

South Africa Pavilion

South Africa is the first African country that holds the World Cup. As the host country of 2010 World Cup, South Africa made its pavilion the one with the strongest atmosphere of football in the Expo site. The slogan“2010, Expo Joins Jubilation with South Africa”is shown on the big 3D screen.

Now, in South African Pavilion, a big 3D screen, and a round screen, stretching 180 degrees in visual effects are used for broadcasting the World Cup games. Inside the pavilion there are many chairs featuring African style, and a special area is prepared for visitors to watch games. In addition, a special picture wall, with the family pictures of South African team on, is set inside the pavilion, where many football fans who are into South African team can take a picture with them here.

Mexico Pavilion

“We will rebroadcast the World Cup on TV in the restaurants for people visiting the Mexico Pavilion to appreciate the exciting games.”Also, the big screen at the entrance gate may show the game so that visitors can cheer for their favorite teams when lining up.

What’s more, the Mexico Pavilion is planning some singing and dancing performances with football elements, including the hot“football girls”cheering, which is sure to gain huge popularity for the pavilion.

Brazil Pavilion

Brazil and Argentina both have top football teams in South America. Who is stronger? Who will get the chance to win the magic cup this year?

Watching the football teams from their home country competing on the grassland, the staffs in the Brazil and Argentina Pavilions just cannot wait. It is known from Brazil Pavilion that they would pick a day to have a friendly game with staffs in Argentina Pavilion, to see who the winner is.

As a traditional powerhouse of football, the Brazil Pavilion is sure to be invested with football spirit. Not to mention others, the souvenir store sells all kinds of products about football --- football outfits, football bags, football pens, etc.

“We’ve wanted to kick a friendly game with staffs in the Brazil Pavilion for a long time”, said a staff working in Argentina Pavilion. There is expectation for this match from both sides. During the World Cup, the big screen on the outside wall of Argentina Pavilion broadcasts the games every day,“we welcome all the football fans to come to our pavilion and watch the game; we also welcome fans of Brazilian team to join us for the beer”, bantered the staff.

Britain Pavilion

“Rooney”, the wax statue of the best forward in England team stood in front of the Britain Pavilion, gaining much popularity for the pavilion --- many visitors made a headlong rush to take a picture with the forward from England national team. Now the“Rooney”has gone back home while another wax statue from Madame Tussauds stands here. He is more familiar among Chinese football fans, who has a household name and whose popularity will sure surpass“Rooney’s”. That is Beckham, the super England football star. Although he isn’t a member of England national team any more, his charm will still ensure a lot of visitors.

Cameroon Pavilion

Not only football powers from Europe and South America keep adding elements of the World Cup, Africa Joint Pavilion also don’t want to be left behind with Cameroon as the lead.

As a familiar of the World Cup, Cameroon has done enough preparation for the World Cup this time. It not only has set up a picture wall and put the family picture of Cameroonian team on it, but also has placed an interesting“penalty kick”game beside the wall. Through the projector, a goal and a football will be cast upon the wall and the ground, so that visitors can enjoy themselves by kicking the virtual ball. But it’s not easy to do because the football will sometimes play tricks on visitors --- just when visitors want to raise their feet, the ball will roll down to the other side --- so you’ll have to catch the“naughty”football before you score.

The staffs in the pavilion have put on the green Cameroonian team clothes, and the No.9 sports shirt of Samuel Eto'o Fils, the most famous football star in Cameroon, has been put on sale.