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Total EXPOsure:World's Fairs and Other Futuristic Spectacles

2010. 22 June

Total EXPOsure: World's Fairs and Other Futuristic Spectacles in the U.S. and China from the 1870s to 2010 A Dialog with Jeff Wasserstrom and Nick Land

Place: Mesa Manifesto 748 Julu Road, 中国上海巨鹿路748号
Time: Sunday June 27: 4pm – 6pm
Price: 35 RMB (includes 1 drink)

( effrey Wasserstrom is an urban historian, blogger for “The China Beat,” frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines (including Time),
and the author, most recently, of the books Global Shanghai,1850-2010 (2009), and China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know (2010).

His comments will focus on placing the Shanghai Expo into the World’s Fair lineage, which stretches back to the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851 and includes major events, like the Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893, that took place while the United States was rising rapidly in the global hierarchy and becoming a source of international fascination and concern, much as China is doing today.

He will also talk about links between the city of Shanghai, World’s Fairs, and science fiction.

Nick Land is editor of Urbanatomy Books, and author of the recent Shanghai World Expo Guide 2010. His remarks will outline some of the dominant trends in the World Expo history of recent decades, with a special emphasis upon the declining international profile of the Expo and the prospects for a recovery of its relevance, in the light of the 2010 event.

Author: annagreenspan