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Postcard from the Expo: I'm swinging with the Expo

2010. 25 June

Editor's note:

( The 2010 World Expo has turned Shanghai into an international carnival. Xinhua News Agency is inviting participants and visitors to share their "postcards" from China during the Expo. Contribution can be impressions of the Expo or of Shanghai or other parts of China, as well as stories, written reflections, travelogues, comments or any other observations relating to the 2010 Expo.

SHANGHAI, June 25 (Xinhua) -- The following is a contribution from Jonna Wibelius, head of Culture & Public Affairs, Consulate General of Sweden in Shanghai, publishable by Xinhua subscribers.

Postcard from the Expo: I'm swinging with the Expo

The Expo is in full swing and I'm swinging with it. Swinging between pavilions of all kinds, shapes, sizes and designs. Architectural imagination is definitely at its best at this World Expo, pleasuring the eye with innovative silhouettes.

More than 190 countries and 50 international organizations are participating in the Shanghai World Expo, which has now been going for nearly two months.

For visitors, it's an endless race against time. Time to visit as many pavilions as one can. Time to line up. Time to try food from every corner of the earth. And time to enjoy what one is presented with, every time one steps into a new country's pride and joy.

The word "patriotic" has suddenly gained newfound popularity, with participating countrymen telling the world that their pavilion is, of course, the greatest. At the same time, Shanghai has got a new buzz phrase, going something like "Which Expo pavilion do you like the best?" and being able to break all kinds of uncomfortable conversational ices.

The Expo brings us all together. As a city and as a world. It enlightens us in our knowledge of countries we did not know so much about. It enhances our knowledge of those we are most interested in.

From a Swedish point of view, it's been a rollercoaster from the start. An interesting ride, which both His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf and Deputy Prime Minister Maud Olofsson decided to jump on during Sweden's National Pavilion Day on May 23.

Innovation is a keyword, not only for the Swedish Pavilion, but also for Sweden. It goes well with the Expo theme, hoping to create a better city and a better life, with smart solutions for individuals as well as industries.

With more than four months to go, we've only seen the beginning. What's going to happen next, we're yet to find out. The only thing we know is that there will be more, much more: cultural events, exhibitions, pavilion days, high-level visits, hours of lining up, exotic food, all mixed with happiness and joy. Because that's the World Expo in a nutshell.

Zhang Xiang