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Expo prepared for mobile phone TV

2009. 14 June

by Zhu Shenshen & Dong Zhen
( The Shanghai World Expo organizers say they have built most of the mobile phone stations needed to support handset TV services featuring 2010 World Expo content in the city.

The Expo organizers have decided to set up handset TV channels to broadcast the event when it starts in May.

At the weekend the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, sent 1,000 hand-held televisions to the Expo organizers to support its pioneering move using the new technology.

The Expo organizers plan to provide information such as daily Expo events and downtown hotel prices via handset TVs.

The digital TV service can be sent to mobile phones, PDAs and in-car TVs.

But the mobile phone users are the main target for the service during the six-month event. Mobiles need to be embedded with a special circuit chip to launch the Expo TV programs.

The Expo organizers have not announced the charges for the service.


Meanwhile, almost 90 percent of China Mobile's Shanghai users have registered their identity with the carrier ahead of an expected nationwide policy for all mobile accounts to be identified, the carrier said over the weekend.

Shanghai was the first place on China's mainland to require detailed account information.

About 88 percent of Shanghai Mobile's 13 million subscribers have registered their personal information.

The carrier is also trying to contact prepaid users to register.

All new users will have to supply personal information, Shanghai Mobile said.

"It (identity registration) is a weapon to fight against spam and we will continue to develop the system, including cooperation with the public security bureau," Shanghai Mobile said.

Shanghai Mobile accounts for 70 percent of the city's mobile users. China Unicom and China Telecom supply the rest.

China, which has the world's most mobile phone users, will launch a policy to try to stop unsolicited advertisements, scams and bank fraud via text messages, experts said.

The policy is waiting for the approval of the State Council, China's Cabinet, media reported, citing officials of the Guangdong Communications Administration.

Since 2006, Shanghai prepaid account users have had to show their identity papers before buying a phone.

But in the rest of China's mainland prepaid customers don't have to provide personal details, making it difficult to catch people involved in phone scams, which are becoming increasingly frequent.