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Welcome to try delicacies from Norway

2010. 28 June

Editor's note:
The 2010 World Expo has turned Shanghai into an international carnival. Xinhua News Agency is inviting participants and visitors to share their "postcards" from China during the Expo. Contribution can be impressions of the Expo or of Shanghai or other parts of China, as well as stories, written reflections, travelogues, comments or any other observations relating to the 2010 Expo.

( The following is a contribution from Ashild Nakken, Director of the Norwegian Seafood Export Council in China, publishable by Xinhua subscribers.

Postcard from the Expo: Welcome to try delicacies from Norway at Shanghai Expo

I have been at this fantastic Expo since its opening, overseeing the operation of the Norway Seafood Restaurant at the Norway Pavilion while touring around pavilions and enjoying my Expo life.

On May 28, I was fortunate to attend the Norway National Pavilion Day. It was a memorable day and I was honored to meet his Royal Highness, the Crown Prince of Norway when he visited the Pavilion and officially opened our seafood restaurant at the Pavilion. Norway's slogan for the Expo is "Norway - Powered by Nature." Nothing could be truer for a country rich in natural resources such as oil and seafood.

For me, one of the highlights of the Expo is definitely going to be visiting the China Pavilion. Unfortunately I haven't had time to visit it by now as I am so busy with the restaurant. But I will definitely pay a visit to the China Pavilion and feast my eyes on the giant painting of "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival."

Because I'm something of a foodie and I love sampling different foods from all around the world. One of my priorities during the Expo is going to be visiting restaurants in other countries' pavilions and sampling their cuisines. I have not yet made a final list of which pavilions I want to visit, but I am planning to set aside at least a week or two over summer to discover delicacies of every kind offered at the Expo!

I'd also like to invite everyone to visit the Norway Seafood Restaurant at the Norway Pavilion and try our salmon fresh off the plane from Norway. Or you can try some of our other delicious seafood products such as cod, halibut, king crab and much more.