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Foreign visitors expected to spend $396 at Shanghai Expo

2010. 2 July

( The latest survey conducted by MasterCard shows that visitors to the Shanghai World Expo are expected to spend an average of 396 U.S. dollars each day in Shanghai, not including the costs of accommodations and transport, according to International Finance News on July 1.

The daily average expenditure of U.S. visitors is 478 U.S. dollars, ranking first of all respondents from various regions, followed by the expenditure of South Koreans and Japanese at 440 U.S. dollars and 406 U.S. dollars, respectively. The survey shows that foreign visitors spend more money on the Shanghai World Expo than on other purposes.

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo has become an important motivation for foreign visitors to travel in Shanghai. Nearly 50 percent of the respondents who plan to travel to Shanghai are willing to visit the Shanghai World Expo.