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Romania’s first two months at Expo 2010

2010. 2 July

Nearly 1,300,000 visitors toured the Greenopolis, Romania’s pavilion at the Shanghai 2010 World Exposition, in the first two months since the official opening. ‘After two months at Expo 2010, some 1,300,000 people were our guests at the pavilion.

( Visitors were more in the second month than in the first and the events staged at the pavilion have met the expectations of the public in terms of economic as well as cultural and artistic offerings,’ says Romania’s Expo 2010 General Commissioner Ferdinand Nagy.

‘We are expecting the number of visitors to increase by more in July, as on July 29 we celebrate Romania Pavilion Day at Expo Shanghai, when we will be carrying out a special programme scheduled for this event that increases our visibility,’ said Nagy.

The 2010 World Exposition in Shanghai opened on May 1 and lasts throughout October 31. The design concept of the Romania Pavilion – ‘Greenopolis’ – evolves around the colour and environmental implications of „green,” inspired by the apple, the most popular fruit in Romania and representing a „green city,” healthy life and the concept of sustainable development.

The Romania Pavilion is divided into two parts: a huge green apple and a slice of an apple lying on the ground. The exhibition includes three sections – „Millennium in Retrospect, „Social and urban development promoted by history and nature” and „City life close to nature.” The pavilion will also demonstrate the charm of Romania to visitors from all over the world with traditional dance performances, ethnic costume exhibitions and other activities.