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Environmental Film

2010. 6 July

Director Yann Arthus-Bertrand and actress Zhou Xun attend the premiere ceremony of the Chinese version of environmental film "Home" in Shanghai on Monday, July 05, 2010. [Photo: Xu Leiying]

by Xu Leiying

( The Chinese version of environmental film "Home" premiered on Monday in the UN Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo Park.

Its French director Yann Arthus-Bertrand and actress Zhou Xun who lent her voice to the movie's Chinese version attended the premiere ceremony.

During the ceremony, Yann said he was very glad that the Chinese version of his movie will air on July 6 via the movie channel (CCTV 6) to people across the country. There will be no copyright issue that hinders it from reaching the widest audiences since his goal in making this movie is to convince people of their responsibility towards our planet, he added.

In addition to the Chinese version, the movie has been translated into 14 languages and released in 87 countries.

Zhou Xun, the goodwill ambassador of the UN Development Program, also participated in the event and called on people to spare 100 minutes to view the movie, which embraces major ecological issues and tries to find a solution.

Besides the theme of environmental protection, people have many other reasons to watch the movie, such as breathtaking aerial images. The crew spent 18 months making the movie, shooting at 120 locations in 54 countries. And the Director is famous in the field of aerial photography.