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Expo brings youthful message to music lovers

2010. 12 July

( Young expo visitors have managed to inject new energy into the big show. At the ongoing Shanghai Expo Music Festival, students from home and abroad have been expressing themselves through melody. Now let's take a listen.

Though young, these teenagers are veterans of music. Most of them have been honing their craft for over ten years. This is the Shanghai Yan'an High School's debut show. The show took a year to prepare.

A student from Shanghai Yan'an High School, said, "It's a great experience to perform for such a big audience. I have enjoyed the feeling of being on stage since I was a kid. I am a lute player. I've learned it for ten years. I've obtained the highest rank in the national lute playing examination. Many of our members have the same certification. "

Back on the stage, we meet a student from Nottingham. With the Chinese name Sun Ruida, the young man shared his dancing experience with local art lovers.

A British student studying in China, said, "I am a sophomore at college. I came to China last September. I've been learning dancing for 7 years. I have performed twice in London, but to perform at the expo has been the most exciting experience in China. "

2,000 young talents from around the world will come outfitted with instruments such as guitars to bring their youthful message to thousands of music lovers. The event runs to July 18th.