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Australian pavilion creates enthusiasm, laughter for visitors

2010. 16 July

by Yu fei and Sun Liping
( For Peter Sams, director of the Australian pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo, the happiest thing every morning is to see hundreds of visitors running from different directions to the gate of the rust-red pavilion after the Expo entrances open at 9 o'clock.

"When the first people come to the queue, they know they are going to come into the pavilion to see the show early and not to have to queue long. It' s fantastic to see the huge smile on everybody's face," Sams said.

Different kinds of cultural performances, contemporary aboriginal art, sculptures that speak about Australian history and audio-visual presentations have attracted 3.26 million visitors to the Australian pavilion, around 50,000 people every day, with about 93 percent of them are from China.

"That is great, because the reason we are here is to talk to the Chinese public about Australia. The pavilion and exhibition are designed for Chinese visitors," he said.

"Everybody knows Australia. Australians are friendly. Australia has a beautiful environment. But what we would like to show is that we are smart people. We are thinking about the solutions for building a 'better city, better life' . We are not lucky to simply have a good environment. We work hard to keep a good environment. We work hard to keep a balance in life," Sams said.

The Australian pavilion's exterior is clad in weathering steel that oxidizes in response to the climatic conditions in Shanghai. Over the course of the Expo, the steel will self-seal in response to the moisture in the air, developing a rust-like appearance.