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Wuhan man finishes 1200km swim to Shanghai Expo

2010. 9 August

by Elaine Chow
( Well, what do ya know! The man who decided to swim all the way from Wuhan to the Shanghai Expo (a 1200 kilometer journey) has actually made it here after 33 days... and with only minimal signs of becoming sick from the water pollution.

56-year-old Bao Zhengbin ended his journey at Chongming Island, arriving around 8am yesterday at Chongming Island's Southern Gate. He was greeted by enthusiastic crowds both from his hometown in Hubei Province and some Shanghai fans as well. The entire journey took 33 days.

Upon reaching the shore, he yelled out "Shanghai, I've come!" to the cheering masses. His trip, which began in Wuhan on July 7 took him about 40km for four hours of swimming each day. Yeah, he clocked in at an incredibly impressive 10km per hour.

Along the way, he dealt with quite a few hardships - including the constant rain turning the river cold and the subsequent flooding... and of course, pollution. After entering Anhui, Bao told reporters, he encountered the greatest difficulties. He said he hadn't actually realized how painful the water around the industrial parts of the city would be.