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On Location Shanghai: World Expo 2010

2010. 16 August

( Have you ever been to a world expo?  Like the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, this year's World Expo 2010 Shanghai brings the world to China.  The theme of Shanghai's six-month long global party is 'Better City, Better Life' in recognition that the world's population continues to become more urbanised and innovative policies are required for city living to be sustainable in the future.

The Netherlands Pavilion displays innovative architecture.
The Africa Pavilion is among the most popular.

World expos are designed to showcase inspiration and thought; on this count, Shanghai has succeeded spectacularly. Since the first world's fair was held in London in 1851, World Expos have gained increasing importance as major venues for economic, scientific, technological, and cultural exchanges, serving as an important platform for displaying historical experience and exchanging new ideas as human beings look to their future.

Besides all that, it's fun!  The national pavilions are, for the most part, beautiful examples of inventive architecture, and the exhibits within are as entertaining as they are enlightening.  Like an Olympiad, there is a palpable feeling of international camaraderie that goes beyond national identity as we realise people are people no matter where they live; it's easy to forget this fact when we are bombarded with news at home segmenting the world into 'us' and 'them' .  At the World Expo, everyone is part of 'us' and it's a far more uplifting experience than one can imagine.

With Shanghai flourishing as one of the world's largest cities, there is no shortage of attractions and activities beyond Expo.  One of the most interesting is the unique Propaganda Poster Art Center, where artful posters portraying Communist-era values in a colourful manner are displayed in a small museum and sold in its adjacent shop.  Despite the kitschy appeal, this is serious art; some of the rarer specimens sell for thousands of dollars.  Shanghai's museums have caught up with its shopping as a major attraction, and the beautiful Art Déco buildings along the city's famous and newly rejuvenated riverfront boulevard, the Bund, bask in their soft evening illumination as regally as ever.

China Eastern fly nonstop to Shanghai from both Sydney and Melbourne.  For travellers between Australia and Europe, China Eastern's flight schedule makes a stopover in Shanghai very appealing.  For example, from Paris to Shanghai, the Paris flight arrives in Shanghai at 0700; by taking a Sydney-bound flight departing the next day at 2040, passengers have two full days in one of the world's most exciting cities with only one night's accommodation necessary.  Of course, China is one of the most exciting destinations in the world right now, so a longer stay will certainly not leave you wondering what to do.

World Expo 2010 Shanghai continues until 31 October.  Helen Wong's Tours is the official vendor of Expo tickets in Australia and arranges all the details from airport pick-up to hotels and sightseeing.  Why not make it easy and arrive all ready to enjoy one of the globe's most extravagant exhibitions?  The company has a selection of short- and long-stay Expo packages to suit every need from a simple Expo visit to itineraries including other destinations in Mainland China as well as Hong Kong and Macau. Just pick your tour and get on the plane—what can be easier than that?

The Italy Pavilion celebrates all things Italian from Ferraris and fashion to wine and music.
Sweet halwa is considered a hallmark of hospitality in the Sultanate of Oman pavilion.
Simon shows why Ethiopia is one of the world's friendliest travel destinations.