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The Romanian Pavilion rewards the visitors

2010. 31 August

( Commissioner General for Romania at EXPO 2010, Mr. Ferdinand Nagy, has greeted today, the 25th of August three Chinese visitors of the Romanian Pavilion - Greenopolis, who demonstrated good knowledge about Romania.

The youngest winner is a Chinese girl, XIAO DAN, (five years), who knew the answer to the question "What are the colors of the Romanian flag?". The awards consisted in promotion products of our country. That action is part of an ample series of activities meant to promote Romania abroad.

"I was impressed by the interest of the Chinese children in Romania. We are even thinking of continuing this type of activities in order to stimulate the interest in our country," said the Commissioner-General for Romania, Ferdinand Nagy at the end of awarding ceremony.

The Romanian Pavilion in Shanghai has been visited by more than 2 750 000 people so far, who were interested in the Romanian culture, history, dance, music and culinary art. There are impressive queues every day in front of the Romanian Pavilion; most of the visitors are Chinese citizens.

The Romanian Pavilion continues the series of exhibitions, popular music and dance shows, classical music concerts and cultural and artistic exchanges projects with the representatives of the other participating countries.

Moreover, the mini technical exhibition in aeronautics organized by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in partnership with Association of Romanian Aeronautical Companies (OPIAR) continues until 29th of August. Seven Romanian companies - Aerostar Bacău, I.A.R Braşov, El Prof Bucharest, Iarom, Aerofina, Giar, National Research & Development Institute for Gas Turbines - COMOTI Bucharest – are presenting their products and services in the aeronautics field, under the slogan: „Together into the Future”. With the support of the Romanian Pavilion at Shanghai and the Economic and Commercial Promotion Office, the Romanian companies have meetings with potential partners from China and other countries, to present their offers and services that target not only the civil and military aviation, but also the research and development industry.

Furthermore, the chamber music Romanian Piano Trio band composed of Alexandru Tomescu - violin, Horia Mihail - piano, Răzvan Suma - cello will have a series of concerts on the stage of the Romanian Pavilion at Shanghai, every day, until 30th of August. The activity is organized by the Bucharest Municipality in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Alexandru Tomescu is the holder of the famous Stradivarius - Elder – Voicu violin. The three well-known Romanian artists will perform in a personal manner masterpieces from the Romanian and international repertoire.

The people who will visit the Romanian Pavilion during this period can enjoy, until 15th of September, the traditional music and dance performed by „Nagyvárad” Assembly of the State Philharmonic from Oradea and by the artists of the Faculty of Music from Timisoara. The Assembly’s repertoire includes Magyar songs and dances from different regions of the country: Bihor, Satu - Mare, Cluj, Mureş, Harghita, Alba, Hunedoara, Bacău, but also Romanian songs and dances from Maramureş, Târnavelor, Mureş and Argeş.

For the next period, the Romanian Pavilion is preparing an interesting program with cultural and artistic activities to take place until the end of the exposition (on 31 October 2010) with the objective to promote the ethnical and cultural diversity in Romania and presenting the visitors a thorough perspective of the country’s artistic and traditional folkloric values. Romania continues to be the only country at EXPO 2010 that hosts live shows on an open stage every day.

For more information about the Romanian Pavilion activities' calendar or other general information about Romania's presence at Shanghai EXPO, please visit the Romanian Pavilion official website: or access the MFA section dedicated to that event: